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Who we are

In today's business world, technology is power. It increases our ability to communicate, enhances the quality of the work environment and makes a tremendous impact on a company's bottom line. With the dynamic pace of technological change, choosing the right technology for your needs can be a complex, and often confusing process. When there's this much at stake, you want to put your company's technology solutions in the hands of a professional.
Look to AdVentureS to maximize your technology with customized, long-term solutions specifically designed for your needs. AdVentureS is an advanced technology computer-consulting firm with U.S. regional offices located on the west coast and in the Midwest. Since 1996, we have partnered with Fortune 500 and mid-size companies to deliver valuable business solutions.
We believe that business technology ultimately exists for one reason only: to enhance your bottom line. Our goal is to create the perfect technology hybrid to help you maximize your system's productivity and your company's return on investment.
AdVentureS can support the complete development of your business solution - from initial design and testing, to training and final deployment.


Clients worldwide have experienced huge benefits with our combination of onsite, offsite and offshore network of offices across the globe, and the facilities to enable optimum performance.


Value System

What makes AdVentureS the company it is today are the core values and beliefs that are adhered to by one and all in the organization. The company values credibility and trust above everything else in all its interactions. We follow rules, norms, and procedures, not only to the letter, but in spirit as well.


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