Information technology is significantly playing a bigger role in the economy today and also in businesses as a strategic unit to help achieve higher performance and productivity. IT projects are increasingly combining teams working across time zones using effective tools for collaboration and project management bringing about a transformation in the workforce culture. High-performance organizations have realized that this culture change has given rise to a new level of partnership within organizations and across organizations spread across different geographies to evolve new processes, tools and structures, sourcing strategies to assign the best skills for the right job at the right price and to sustain this transformation.
Outsourcing, today, is creating a wave of opportunities and opening up newer markets globally. From application development to project management to database design and management, Outsourcing has become a level playing field and becoming a key enabler for businesses.
Towards this trend, the concept of Co-sourcing has evolved and has shaped up as a successful formula. Co-sourcing gives clients a valuable solution in enhancing the efficacy of diverse functional departments, and is a proven win-win model for both outsourcing service providers and vendors.
At AdVentureS, we have leveraged on the advantages of co-sourcing and have partnered with clients for IT outsourcing activities. A few of the advantages we offer clients include: -
Commitment to quality
Service excellence
Free up more resources for better productivity
Long-term strategic gains
Improved efficiency ratios
Deeper customer loyalty
Cost reduction - replacing fixed costs with variable pricing models
Flexible contract terms

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