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Open Source

Open source software as a term has evolved several definitions; however, it fundamentally refers to software for which the underlying 'source' code is available for inspection and modification by anyone interested in doing so. Open-source software has over the last decade been building momentum in the IT world that built the Internet and the World Wide Web. With the acceleration brought in by Linux operating system, it has soon spread across enterprise applications and more importantly on the Internet. Open-source web content management products have particularly been widely accepted for targeted and tactical deployments. Reduced vendor lock-in and larger user community has made this 'open source' software development grow at an astonishing pace as opposed to conventional development. With more acceptances from across the different industries and also the state departments, the vendors have realized the need for embracing this concept and rolling out products which meet with open source standards.

At AdVentureS we strongly support the Open Source initiative and work with our customer in building applications which are cost effective yet stable, scalable and mature solutions by using the vast range of Open source tools that are available. 

AdVentureS has an excellent pool of resources specialized on the vast expanse of Open Source technologies to create demanding solutions for its clientele across varied verticals.

Our expertise in the'Open Source' software world include:

  • Languages & Technologies: PERL, Python, PHP, PHP Nuke

  • Web application framework: Struts, Spring

  • Servers: Tomcat, Apache, JBoss

  • Tools: Log4J, Ant, NetBeans, CVS, Subversion, Eclipse

  • Work Flow : jBPM, Zebra

  • Security Services: Cryptix, Bouncy Castle, Mozilla Security implementations

  • OS: Linux, FreeBSD

  • RDBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, PointBase and Cloudscape.

  • Web content: Liferay

  • Persistence framework: Hibernate, iBATIS, Castor
  • Web services: Axis

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