Out Sourcing

The information and technology services sector plays a significant and vital role in the global economy being the 'enablers' for productivity growth for all the other sectors. The drive for greater efficiency and the increasing globalization of business markets requires companies to modify, improve, and re-develop their technologies, products, and services in order to satisfy consumer demands while having to invest in the hardware and software infrastructure that enables them to operate in increasingly competitive markets. However, Standards and development methodologies have stayed relevant to keep pace with this fast changing, global marketplace.
At AdVentureS, we offer technical out sourcing and project outsourcing services for mid and large-sized companies in a variety of industries. Using our well defined Process methodology and Delivery model, we have successfully delivered projects using our Onsite-Offsite-Offshore services which include ERP/CRM implementation, Data migration projects, Legacy conversion, Application maintenance and support and E Commerce initiatives among others.
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